KM controller aka hikari RIP, appears to be deleting jobs after 6 days 23 hours


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hi, our new 4070 has km controller, so far adequate for our needs.

we often need to check how many prints we've done for each job as we print in batches as needed.
some jobs may be printed over a day and some 1-2 months.

the history 'queue' seems delete jobs on the 7th day so we're forever scouring the exported job log which is tedious.

I've checked around to no end. hoping there's a workaround or setting if anyone knows if/how this can be user defined?

or will post km's feedback next week, cheers bill


New member
Hi Bill, the History tab is just a record of the last 100 jobs printed, which is fixed and cannot be changed. Your best option is to export the job log, and then you can filter in Excel ofr your desired date range


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