Kodak Magnus 400 II Quantum 2008 for sale (EURO8500)


The offer includes :
- CTP KODAK Magnus 400 II Quantum 2008 (Maxi Size 724x680mm)
38 plates/Hour
Count : arround 190 000 plates imaged
-KODAK Prinergy EVO (dongle and Rip server included)
-Automatic Multicasset loader
-Heidelberg C 95 (chemical free developper)
-Punch for SM and XL 75.
-Conveyor and Stacker included
-Debris remover
-All computer CD and documentation.
Machine is in good conditions and maintenance has been done by certified kodak technicians.
-CTP has already been set to work with Agfa plates, Kodak plates, and chinese process less plates
Machine still in production, video can be provided

Price: 8500 Euro

For any question please send us a mail : fg.co.ltd@gmail.com
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Up, still available ... some pictures :


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I think some of your specs are incorrect, the 400 can take a 750mm plate
Ours exposes 28 plates per hour, not sure if the 400 II is that much faster


Please find attached Magnus spec sheet specifying that our CTP can do 38 plates per hour,

thank you for taking your time to check if all details are correct,


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I wasn't sure about the speed of the Quantum II, thanks for clarifying, however my main point was the maximum size quoted of 724mm across the drum, that is the size that the 38pph is based on, but the actual maximum plate size is 685x762
Quoting a max size of 724mm will limit your market as your quoted specs will only suit a Speedmaster 72 or Lithrone 28. The machine will in fact produce plates suitable for a Speedmaster 75.


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