Kodak software pricing and service contracts.


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Because of the upcoming Kodak software pricing and prices of the service contracts, is anyone switching to Rampage or other prepress workflows? Also, if you have already switched from Kodak to Rampage, how was the transition?
We are getting a lot of interest at Viki Solutions because our Vera custom workflow product integrates with Prinergy and allows for easy migration from InSite. Our annual subscription pricing includes all upgrades and full support from industry professionals. As background, the developers at Viki Solutions built and provided upgrades for Prinergy and Insite at Creo/Kodak and when they were downsized the team was able to build Vera from the ground up using new technology to make a system for superior proofing and fully customizable creative workflow. Additionally, Vera can be installed in the cloud or locally with a traditional or high security configuration. With full Prinergy integration, the features of the proofing engine, and a workflow system the buyer gets a prepress portal and creative workflow system all-in-one. As the Director of Business Development my first job is to let people know there is an alternative. If you are excited by working with the development team, exciting technology, and putting your company in a solution that will last, then check us out.


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