Kodak Sonora plates, Komori Press


We are starting to run the Kodak Sonora plates, switching from Sword. We have to run our waters up on high to have minimal scumming. And most times we have to stay on high to run because of scumming. We are told that the form rollers pull off the non-image area emulsion and is supposed to come off onto the first few sheets: it's not supposed to stay in the rolllers. But it is (I have found this is why my chromes are becoming so sensitive and the metering rollers are covered in ink). We are using Varn supreme 8168 fountain solution (suggested by one of our Komori demonstrators) based on its performance on these presses. I've tried upping the dosage (since we were at minimum). I've tried messing with fountain temps (up and down in temp). Nothing makes it better or worse.
We've been told by our Kodak rep it's the etch, but he hasn't offered anything to change to (he just suggested upping the etch). But other vendors/individuals say that it's not the fountain solution, it's the plates.
Wheels, Sorry to hear of your concerns. I would love to have a senior technical speciallist talk to you directly so we can better understand your concerns and address the situation quickly. Can you please send me your contact information directly to todd.bigger@kodak.com and I will arrange.


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First thing everyone is going to tell you its the etch. Ran into that a while back with another companies plates. I will talk to our lead pressman about this and get back to you.


Wheels, we have been testing the Sonora plates on both of our Komori's without issues. We are using Actega's Starfount SF-50917 a 1 step solution with a conductivity of 2500-2600. Our inks are from Superior. We have done extensive testing and on every job the sheet never scums. It rolls up light and in 3-5 sheets the image is up to color. Not color matched but normal densities.


We really didn't have to change anything. This was the same solution we were using while on the sword plates. Thats why I find your post puzzling. Anything that touches the plate is suspect. But with the solution I mentioned, we never had scumming issues.


Hi Wheels,

Which CTP machine you use to expose snora plates?? and is this plate calibrated properly?? because if you have try all things on press then it may be wrong calibrated on CTP, if yes then it will continuously giving you scumming.



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we're testing Sonora plates too...

we're testing Sonora plates too...


Have you had any luck yet?

We'll be testing Sonora plates this week. Also on a Komori press. Also switching from Sword plates.
We have different solution and inks. Will let you know how it goes.


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