Komori G40P HUV Sheets Sticking on Startup


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We have a 2014 Komori HUV G40P and use Toyo Inks. We have always had problems with sheets sticking to the blankets during startup. Has anyone else encountered this and if so, what have you done to correct it?
Sheets sticking to rubber blankets on start up can be caused by one or more of the following.
Ink tacks too high.
Start up sequence not long enough, plates/blankets too dry when print sequence begins.
Tacky blanket material (Try a different blanket material)
Check impression squeezes.
If sheets are sticking after a press stop/start for a blanket wash check your solvent it may be making the blankets tacky. You may need to spray some anti skin on the blankets/rollers at start up.
Roller temperatures too low causing tack to rise.
Ink too strong causing thin ink films to be run. Weaken ink to carry a greater ink film.
Hope this helps Good luck
We had the same problem with our Komori LS540 H-UV but for us there was a problem with the thickness regulation of paper, have you tried to reduce pressure? Also we encountered this problem with the plastic series of toyo inks. At last toyo have improved inks several ties during the last two years, are you using the last V3/V4 version?


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