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Hi all,

We have start label flexo printing in our printing house. We are new to this and need some advice if possible?

Is there any type of calculator or spread sheet for calculation of the cost to produce the labels in different shapes, sizes, materials and so on.

Thank you in advance for any type of assistance.


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It appears that you've put the cart before the horse.
It seems a lot of equipment purchases happen this way, especially by smaller print shops getting used equipment at a windfall from a debtor.

Be that as it may, the best thing to do in such a situation is:
  1. see how many linear feet/meters this press can produce per hour,
  2. come up with a good set of estimates of setup times for various jobs,
  3. find out how much plates and dies cost for various sizes,
  4. find out how much your "consumables" will cost (paper, ink, razor blades, etc.)
  5. find out how much your "overhead" will cost (electrical power, building rent, etc.)
  6. figure a "billable hourly rate" for the machine and the various processes such as rewinding and boxing,
  7. figure some pricing based on these data, adding an inefficiency factor of at least 30% (I add at least 100% for any process I'm not familiar with, and often just "break even" doing that),
  8. add a profit to all your pricing (include office and sales expense),
  9. and, last but certainly most important... find out what the market prices are that your potential customers are paying for the various sample-priced products you can make.
You may well discover from step #9 that this machine will simply suck your time and capital out of your business. This is of course good to know before you make further investment. Sometimes it's best to recognize that you should release your "big fish" before it sinks your boat.

Good luck.
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