Leading Zeros in SmartStream


We are currently using SmartStream designer for Indesign 2019, and would be great if someone could help with how to add Leading Zero's to a Numbering Job.

For Example, numbering 1 to 1000 - but want the numbers all to be four digits, 0001, 0002, 0100 all the way up to 1000.

We used to be able to do this in XMPie with a small script, but cannot get this to work in SmartStream and hoping someone might know the trick?



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Assuming you are starting with an Excel spreadsheet with the leading zeros in the formatting and saving as a CSV
After saving the CSV out of Excel, when you close the file, Excel will ask if you want to save the file - at this point say NO
Resaving the CSV will remove the leading zeros
Alternatively, save as a comma delimited text file instead of a CSV

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