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If you're looking for a CMYK digital printer that also does metallic toner, then Xerox has several units to consider (I think they are the only one actually, as the other big names only have clear, white, or spot colors). Xerox has the new entry level Prime Link series with CMYK+ Gold or Silver metallic toner. Then from there you move up to the C800i and C1000i series. Their top of the line is the Iridesse which actually has 2 extra toner channels, one before the CMYK and one after. So you can have silver and clear, or gold and clear, etc.

If you're looking for actual foil, then there are a few options out there. Top of the line would be the iFoil by MGI (also sold by Konica Minolta). This unit connects in-line with their CMYK digital toner press, called the Meteor Unlimited Colors. The Meteor is actually a modified Konica Minolta C1070 print engine. The iFoil also connects in-line with the spot UV coaters.

Lower cost options for actual foil would be units like the Duplo DFL-500 which adheres foil to black toner. You start by printing wherever you want foil in black toner, then pass it through this unit to be foiled, then back through your CMYK digital press to print the rest of the images.
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