Looking to Hire National Sales Rep

Hi everyone,

We are looking to hire a national sales rep for our new product launch. Details of the product can be found on https://SharkAdvantage.com

I'm assuming this is not the perfect forum for this so I apologize, but it appears to be the most active. Moderators - feel free to move this to the correct location.

The product has advantages in flexography, web converting, digital, offset and screen, among others.

Please email zack@sharkwheel.com (Shark Wheel is the parent company) if you have good leads for us. Thank you.


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I recall you posted about this product previously and received lots of good advice from this forum.

I've revisited your website and the most important content is still glaringly missing... case studies (videos/testimonials/reviews) from print shops that have your product installed and are delighted with it after however many months. Statements/clips from PSPs - business owners and production managers demonstrating how your technology translates into greater efficiencies, less wastage, etc. to convince potential customers why they need your product. R&D CAD videos don't count.

You need to sort this before hiring a sales rep. otherwise you're not giving him/her the tools to sell any more than a concept.
"SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. INDUSTRY PROVEN" are huge claims, which need to be supported if they are to be seen as credible.
How many installations of your product exist? Where are they? If it really is industry proven, then shouting about it should be the easy part of the job.

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