Lowres PDF with just text still very large (MB)


This is really puzzling me: I make a lowers pdf (with the setting 'Smallest File Size') of a page that's just text - and the pdf is still 13 MB?
You can find this testpage here



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Something strange is going on there. The text seems to be black, but it's defined as a spot color. Also, the page number at the lower side of the page seems to be a form (?) and has some transparency around. These mistakes alone might make the PDF larger. Try solving the above issues and make a test to see if the size decreased.


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In Acrobat, click the File menu and choose Save As Other > Optimized PDF. In the PDF Optimizer window that appears, enable only the "Discard User Data" checkbox, then within the Discard User Data settings, enable only the "Document Information and Metadata" checkbox and save the PDF. On my computer, the PDF went from 13MB to 20K.

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 9.22.40 AM.jpg

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