magnification skew correction


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The Xerox Versant 3100 series have a slight magnification skew on 13x19 media due to a software bug that I don't expect to get fixed. Printing business cards duplex can be challenging on 13x19 with the skew issue. Is there a tool such as Pitstop that supports hot folders and will automatically skew or de-skew PDF pages?


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You should be able to dial in any magnification or skew adjust in the paper catalog alignment profile and or with the Service Mode alignment tools if necessary.

Or are you talking about a Trapezoid issue. I have a 3100 and yes there is a slight Trapezoid issue. I know of know way to eliminate it on the Versant machines. The 2nd BTR has no way adjust it like the 700s did. I have noticed a slight difference on different 2nd BTRs. I have often thought about taking a used one and adjusting the spring tension on it to see if I could affect trapezoid. Tech says they are factory set and we are not supposed to adjust these but from my experience adjusting the 700s the pressure from those springs would seem to affect trapezoid.

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