Magnus 400 Quantum End of Service Life


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After 15 years of faithful operation, our Magnus 400 Quantum with MCU has been relegated by Kodak to "End of Service Life" meaning that not only will they no longer offer a service contract, but they will not supply any parts or service. Being in a part of the world where it's not easy to quickly access second hand or third party parts or anyone who can service the machine independently, we have little choice other than replacing the machine in the near future.
Having looked at alternatives, apart from the Trendsetter and Magnus 800, replacement candidates come with fibre heads. Being somewhat reluctant to return to a fibre head, having had an early model Lotem and experiencing the difference when moving to the Squarespot head in the Magnus, I would like to hear from anyone who has gone from the Creo/Kodak Squarespot head to a machine with a current technology fibre head.
Is there a discernible difference in quality of output when exposing either conventional AM screening up to 300lpi or FM screening up to 20 Micron?
Are there any other factors we should be aware of in this scenario?
Thanks in advance for any insights.


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This link might help:

Of course, you will have to decide which criteria is important in your situation.

Your Staccato 20 is closer to 385 lpi AM
300lpi will be very similar at typical viewing distances. Areas of flat screen bulds and pastels might appear a bit grainy especially under strong lighting. And there is still the possibility for moiré although minimized compared to 150-175 lpi AM.


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