Manroland R202tob impression failure


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Hello good people
I have man Roland R202 I think 1984-88 model. I bought it used and have never used it before because I was for installation of 3 phase power. The machine. Works perfect except that it doesnt go into impression. If you start paper running when you just press the impression button the machine stops immediately. The blue light for the reflex sensors keeps on flashing all the time. But on error display it shows nothing until you press impression butto. The. It will display paper advance error when you reset it it will bring paper edge control error. I have tried to clean the sensors, installed new relays but to no avail.

The second problem is that while I was testing the machine today one of the power wire the yellow from the main came out of its position na the machine started running at high speed on its own then I stopped it and retighten the wire switch it on and it bring error for exceeding craw speed. I don't know where to touch to reset this error. Please help a freind.

Thanks in advance


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Hi, the error exceeding crawl speed probably you have a defective relay on the Thyristor drive (U4). There is a small board on the top of the thyristor drive which have 3 black relays. One of which is possible defective.
Your first problem, when your machine runs, press feeder on (without paper). The blue light should be flashing at higher speed. Then press the impression button and see to it that the blue light should flash at lower speed. Then the U34 partially should be OK. Then try to cover the two frontlay sensor with a small piece of paper. Run the machine, feeder on, and impression on. If it goes on impression then frontlay sensors is OK and again U34 is OK. Then your overshoot sensor is defective. Change the sensor and test again.


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