(Me again!) Xerox 1000i - Any ideas how to prevent tabs on wristbands from sometimes getting damaged from tray rollers (which is causing jams)?


Title says it all. Printing Blanks laser wristbands and there are tabs on the back for the wristbands to put them on by the customer. The printer has been jamming a lot in the fuser with these wristbands recently. They keep jamming in the fuser and I noticed that the tab on the same exact wristband in the set of 12 gets folded over, exposing the adhesive which is causing it to stick as it passes through the fuser. You can see here what it looks like by the time it reaches the vacuum transfer belts on the way to the fuser:


And whenever that happens....all hell breaks loose:


Since it's always that exact tab that gets folded over and since it's right at the exact position of the paper tray feeder roller, I'm thinking somewhere as it exits the tray, it's getting folded over by a roller. I've already disabled multi-feed prevention which helped a LOT but this is still happening. Any ideas on how to address this?


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I'm not familiar with your machine, however the No.1 rule for any self adhesive substrates on a dry toner press - check you have the straightest possible paper path - don't use the trays beneath the engine, to prevent sheets U-turning as they register, exit via the straightest, flattest route, don't do any fancy turning movements in the relay unit, etc...
Maybe adjust the fuser temperature downwards?


Interesting! I've been running on the bottom tray. I'll try the top tray. And I've had the fuser temp turned up a bit for better image quality but perhaps that is contributing as well. I'll try these things and see if they help. Thanks!


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