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*City/State where you live:*
Nairobi, Kenya

*Current place of employment:*
Oakland Media Services, Nairobi

*Job Title:*
Pre-press manager

*Hometown City/State:*
London, England

*Favorite Musician/Band:*
The Who

*Favorite activity outside of work:*
Beer and women

*Store you would max your credit card at:*
Harrods, London

*Something you must do or accomplish before you die:*
Be finacially stable and not living by a thread!

*Other occupation you would like to try:*
SAS sniper

*First Car:*
Citreon BX 16RS

*Personal Quote:*
If it aint broke, don't try to fix it

*Favorite Movie:*
The Godfather part 1 & 2

Divorced, 3 girls from that marriage now have a serious partner and we have a 8 month old girl!

*Favorite Vacation spot:*
Mombasa, Kenya is good. Would love to visit the Seychelles

Thanks Graham!

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