Muller Martini Presto Stitcher With 7 Knife Trimmer, Cover Pocket Feeder, And 8 Pocket Stations Question....


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I saw the above piece of equipment for sale the other day and had a silly question. What does this type of stitcher/collater do that our Duplo and Plock can't? They are enormous, so I am guessing there must be some real advantages to them to justify all the extra space they take up.


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They're designed for folded signatures. We use a smaller version at our offset plant. They run 16 page signatures collate & stitch them so, a 32pg book is only 2 pockets. The signature have to be pre-folded. They're not designed for digital and small format presses obviously.

They are also insanely fast compared to a tower collator. A new pocket unit runs at up to 14,000 set an hour
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