Muller martini Sigma perfect binding line for sale year 2007


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Müller Martini Sigma perfect binder from 2007 Machine is in excellent condition.
Counter only 400 000 books binded
Perfect for digital book production roll to stack. Manufacturer: Müller Martini Type: Sigma Year of manufacturing: 2007 Mechanical speed: 500 to 1000 cycles Product size range Book spine length min: 154 mm Book spine length max: 320 mm Book width min: 127 mm Book max width: 230 mm min book thickness: 3 mm Book thickness maximum: 40 mm cover width min: 250 mm cover max width: 550 mm Paper weight: 60-120 g / m2 Cover weight: 120-300 g / m2
Muller Martini Cooling and transportating tower, muller Martini trimmer with zerow make ready time
The machine is available immediately. The Sigma work inline with any digital web printing machines.


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