My CTP Avalon n4 stays in "memory checking" forever


Hello friends, we have a CTP Avalon N4 that presented an electrical short circuit and we have already replaced the power card but the fault persists and now, the technical support indicates that I must change the memory board, who has had experience on this?

the device turns on but does nothing, that is, the screen stays in "checking memory" and does not start.

I appreciate your help and suggestions


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Where do you locate? If you find any local engineer to settle down the problem?


I am in Caracas - Venezuela. There is no Agfa technical support in my country. Regarding the Avalon, I already replaced the PIO card and the RCP3E memory card, but the machine continues "Checking mememory" and from there it does not progress.


Hello, Leo, Yes, I have WhatsApp-

The news is that I have managed to enter the system menu, through the touch panel, but when I want to initialize, or run, the machine does not work anyway.
I think you have to load the software, or verify parameters, or re-establish the system. Do you have any suggestion?

At least it has life because it enters the system menu

Thanks for your time.


Hello, nice to meet Ernierad, in fact I have changed the PIO board, the CPU borad or the so-called RCP3E board for new ones,
I have already installed the firmware, I connected the PC and I was able to save the configuration data of the previous RCP3E card for the new one.

And nothing, it remains the same the panel shows "Checking Memory, please wait" forever.

I was able to enter the panel's service menu but not the machine's service menu.

Now I wonder if it is the panel that may be defective.

Thank you for your observation.

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