My CTP Avalon n4 stays in "memory checking" forever


Hello friends, we have a CTP Avalon N4 that presented an electrical short circuit and we have already replaced the power card but the fault persists and now, the technical support indicates that I must change the memory board, who has had experience on this?

the device turns on but does nothing, that is, the screen stays in "checking memory" and does not start.

I appreciate your help and suggestions


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Where do you locate? If you find any local engineer to settle down the problem?


I am in Caracas - Venezuela. There is no Agfa technical support in my country. Regarding the Avalon, I already replaced the PIO card and the RCP3E memory card, but the machine continues "Checking mememory" and from there it does not progress.


Hello, Leo, Yes, I have WhatsApp-

The news is that I have managed to enter the system menu, through the touch panel, but when I want to initialize, or run, the machine does not work anyway.
I think you have to load the software, or verify parameters, or re-establish the system. Do you have any suggestion?

At least it has life because it enters the system menu

Thanks for your time.


Hello, nice to meet Ernierad, in fact I have changed the PIO board, the CPU borad or the so-called RCP3E board for new ones,
I have already installed the firmware, I connected the PC and I was able to save the configuration data of the previous RCP3E card for the new one.

And nothing, it remains the same the panel shows "Checking Memory, please wait" forever.

I was able to enter the panel's service menu but not the machine's service menu.

Now I wonder if it is the panel that may be defective.

Thank you for your observation.



It has been almost a year since I posted on this page, but the condition of my equipment remains the same. wow, we have tried many things through the softwares and versions. The last test that was done was to remove the panel and connect it to another machine, to another ctp of the same model. The result was the same, the panel starts and keeps checking memory. (So sad)

What they recommended was to change the panel and the new one just arrived, we just installed it, with the new RCP3 card, the new PIO and the result was the same, I really did not expect it. Stay in "checking memory please wait"
The new panel is a proface GP430ITW. Model 124827h248365.

Does anyone have a recommendation or an AGFA technician in Latin America who can be my consultant.? or ideas?

Thank you.


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