My HP 5000 UV and Matchprint ProofPro RIP LF A1-A0 not friends...


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Hi friends! I am new to this forum and have been struggling for a couple of days trying to get my (old) Kodak (KPG) Matchprint ProofPro RIP version: LF A1-A0 to print nicely on my 42" HP 5000 UV.
It doesn't matter if I load a 1/x PDF or a TIFF-file. Printing from Photoshop or other Windows application works flawless.
The Matchprint ProofPro RIP is set up using direct print to the printer's IP address and using the RIP's HP Designjet 5000 driver. I have not calibrated it yet as I can not print a reference chart. That turned out with far too much ink smearing around the paper.
Do anybody out there have experience from this or ideas that could make me and my system become friends?

The attached photos show what it should look like from a loaded TIFF-file and how it looks in reality when the printout gets scrambled:

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