New iJetColor 1175Pro- Day 1 - Ouch!


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The printer had two broken parts upon arrival. The input sensor was broken and the registrations assembly was unadjustable.

We were able to use a paperclip to get the registration to stay in a good spot.

First order is for 2000 duplex No. 10's. Setup is a breeze. Had to figure out printing on the back flap but that was just trial and error and ended up working fantastic.

325 sheets into the first order the the little touch screen went blank and said "no support" and the communication between the DFE and the press was lost.

I know it's probably bad luck but man I am eager to get this thing going.

I will update when all is well.
Man, that sucks. When we got our iJet Classic back in the day we had great support. I've got nothing but good things to say about the Printware folks, so I'm sure they'll fix whatever the problem seems to be. Good luck.
Printware will take care of you. I had a head on my 1175p fail prematurely and I had one next day. They remoted in and had me printing same day, I was definitely impressed.


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