No more single adobe stock photo purchases?!


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I need to buy one image and the image I want is from Adobe Stock. Great, used this before and prices are reasonable from Adobe. I do not buy a lot of photos so never made sense to be on a plan. Well it now looks like Adobe no longer is interested in my one time purchase. Trying to buy the picture I only get an option for buying so many credits per month on another subscription basis. Have to say Adobe is driving me nuts with this now. Why would they remove the ability to just buy as I need? I have no need for the amount of photos in a monthly plan and just want the one stupid picture for a one time fee as I have done in the past. Well I can say this I will no longer use Adobe Stock images or even search there again, don't care if the picture I want is there or not, will find something similar on iStock. I give enough money to Adobe and now they want to try and snag more away with this stupid subscription plan rather then give me the consumer options for what works best for me.


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Find someone with a plan and ask them to buy on your behalf. I would offer If I had a plan, I'm sure there is a print planet member who would do this for you. I know!! I dislike Adobe with a vengeance. I won't go into all the stress they have caused me recently over creative cloud. (not working and trying to tell me its internet connection, which is complete rubbish).


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That's exactly what I do. I have a friend that has a corporate membership so I send him the ID number of the photo I need and I pay him for it.

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What about Profitability?
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