Oki C9800 and ES3640: how to improve quality?


New member
Hi All,

I recently was able to buy a really low used ES3640e GA (700 prints!) and a C9800 (6000 b/w prints) (i think both of them have EFI built in), but am struggling with decent photo printouts from indesign... Also, i did not receive any driver cd's thus leaving me with the drivers i can find on the net... Also no RIP software in use, since for my tiny company this is a budget overkill for now...
I was wondering with which settings i could achieve the best photo printout? It seems that the photo prints are not crisp and clear even at Photoquality level in the PS driver... Fonts and colors print out nicely. Also in the PS driver i use DOT-setting for printout... Do you guys know what i could do to improve this?
Thankx for your help.
Greetings from Belgium,

Thierry (rayd8)


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