Packaging posters for shipment - UPS is killing us with special handling charges!!!!


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For the last several months UPS has been tacking on additional handling charges and audit charges for use of cylindrical mailing tubes. Often times the extra charges are more than the shipping itself. Has any one else run into this and how are you handling it? Square corrugated mailing tubes alone do not protect the posters. Triangle tubes are stronger but still can crush easily. My solution is to put a standard round mailing tube inside of a square corrugated carton but unfortunately all of the available pre-fabbed square cartons have an inside diameter of 3" which does not allow for the insertion of a 3" mailing tube due to the outside diameter of the tube which is generally around 3.25". Has anyone found a good solution for safely shipping 36" wide posters via UPS with out having to pay these ludicrous additional fees?


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Hi @i4BG_Gina - please state your location on the globe, as this will help tailor appropriate responses.
I haven't come across this with UPS in the UK.


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We don't use UPS at all because of how unreliable their pricing mechanisms are. I prefer to work with companies that are transparent and reliable about their pricing. We ship via FedEx and USPS instead (obviously that's going to depend on your location). We are in the US.

Also, check out Uline for boxes, I think I see some 4in x 4in x 36in boxes which might work for you: Golf Club Shipping Boxes, Tall Cardboard Boxes in Stock - ULINE


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One of my vendors uses UPS, and they always ship in the triangle tubes. I've never received a crushed tube, but at the same time they're not going cross-country either. We've continued to use FedEx and USPS as our primary shipping methods due to pricing.


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Tubes roll around and can't easily run through sorting equipment. It's likely you'd get hidden charges from FedEx as well. I'd suggest using a cylindar tube and then inserting them inside the triangles for best results. Uline carries 6" triangular tubes for shipping. You might also check with your paper supplier to see if they also have something similar.

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