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I'll don my tin hat for this one, as we do all our impositioning in Indesign. I'm sure that may not be the correct or most professional way, however it works for us and once you have a few template files set up and a catalogue of common jobs programmed into the guillotine, all is relatively quick and simple. So for each job, we'll have the 1-up version that's made a PDF for client approval, and then a 2, 4, 8 or whatever-up version with the 1-up .indd file placed multiple times, to make the PDF for the digital press.

Anyone else doing this?
We used to use indesign for everything but I now switched to Fiery Impose. A lot more flexibility and faster with less chance of mistakes.
For booklets we can easily add creep, gutters etc.

Just to note the impose license is for one computer but is transferable so doesn't need to be on the Fiery rip.
Same here, we used to do it all in indesign with the templates and then we switched to fiery impose and it works for us. We still use indesign to make sure all the files are 1-up ready for fiery impose but it's a lot faster to impose on the fly. We can decide per-job whether we plan to handcut it or run through our duplo cutter and select the appropriate template.
> I haven't used MakeReady, so I'm not sure what it does. Are you looking for a tool to impose pamphlets, booklets, books, etc?

From Magnus's response, I gather the answer is yes.

PDF Snake imposes booklets etc. and is $12.39 per month. No Acrobat required.

Full disclosure: I'm the author of PDF Snake.

WOW! PDF Snake is very cool!!
For the money, best I've seen.

I'll email you with a question about the software.

All the best


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