Pandora Fails To Honor Layering Upon Saving


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When saving my Pandora imposition file, the layering of nested files changes by itself. In other words, glue flaps on items suddenly will print over the art on nearby items. The odd thing is that the program will allow me to send items to back or bring them to front, but they become undone upon saving!

I've been able to change the die station numbering sequence to accommodate clean impositions wherein the glue flaps do not overprint the art, but our die cutting people do not like inconsistent sequencing. They like left-to-right in zig-zag order and I often end up doing the reverse or top-to-bottom.

I think the problems began when I updated my Pandora software. Has anyone noticed sequencing and/or quirky saving issues like this? Is there a patch for this?
Im not sure what you mean. When I nest files in pandora I get a bleed overlap where files touch and I must choose which flap gets the bleed or split the bleed. Do you import a dieline as well as art files?
This isn't really an overlap problem so much as a layering issue. We will send some items to back so that the glue tabs will not obscure the art on adjoining pieces, but when we save the Pandora imposition, the items will pop back to their original layer, causing the overlap issues.

The die line is brought into the Pandora imposition in the form of a CF2 file, which is an imposed die line file from our design department. We "snap" the items to their respective die stations, and then add marks and check overlaps. Thanks for the feedback, bean66!
Instead of using layering to define your bleeds or overlaps try using the Overlap tool to assign the bleed ownership. Perhaps because we import our imposition dieline as DDS files it may react differently. We are using Pandora v2.9.5
Is this possibly a situation where Pandora is not creating a bleed path - and so it appears that layering is changing? In trying to picture this, I see that yes, you would not want to have a glue flap over adjoining live work, but to send it to back leaves live work on top of glue flap doesn't it?


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