Plate Curve Smart Mark In Rampage?


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I'd like to add a smart mark to my plates. I want it to indicate which specific curve has been applied to the plate upon output (e.g. Linear, SBS Stock, CCLB Stock, Uncoated Stock, etc.) Any ideas how this can be accomplished? Also, if this can be done, is there any way to specify where I would like for the information to appear? Much thanks!
In the Rip Profile under the output tab the is an option to Show Actual Plot Info. Try turning that on. That should plot in information line at the edge of the plate that shows the line screen, dot shape and actual and desired curves.
Your advice was GREAT! It did exactly what I hoped it would. Thanks, bean66. Shortly after enjoying this success, I sent out an email to tell my coworkers the following:

I was able to add a mark to every one of our plates. The mark includes the following information:

Plot Date
Plot Time
Line Screen
Screen Angle
Media Linearization
Press Gain Actual
Press Gain Desired (Curve)

This information will begin to appear on all plates subsequently plated from this point forward. The mark appears 1/4” from the left edge of the plate (with gripper at bottom). Here is an example of what the mark will look like:

“Plotted at: Jan23 11:55:07 2014 TIFS-2400_175-22-Cyan ML: UltimaCoRes175Line111413 PGA: None PGD: ManRoland_G71614_CCLB_C.oli”

My only complaint is that there is no way to change the size of the type on the mark. It prints on the plate in roughly 6pt type, but at least you're able to specify how far from the edge of the plate that it prints! I'm stoked just to have found a way to include this information. Thanks for the advice again. I love this forum!

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