POLAR EM 115 with monitor

Hi every one
we have problem with the EM 115 with monitor that the size under 60 cm is biger 1mm and up to 100 is smaller 1mm
the cutter has the P1,CP1 PCB
hope how we can solve the problem

best regards


Well-known member
Hi sir:

Please do and review this first step before to go to the electronic steps:

1) Overcuts

a) knife is blunt b)knife has counter phase caused by wrong dressing c) rear of knife is wrong crowned d) wrong knife angle e) clamp pressure is to high e) the table is Not square to the knife carrier f)the backgauge is Not square to the table. g) knife carrier has play

2) Undercut
a) knife is blut b) knife is blurrs and is placed slanting in the carrier c)wrong knife angle

3) Oblique cut:
a) table is not square to the knife carrier b) backgague is not parallel to the knife c) slide guide play

Wavy cutting line:

a) knife angle is too slender b)difference in height of the pile and unequal clamping

Stteped Cut:

a) Clamping pressure too low b) wrong knife angle c)

Let me know, check that point before to do anything other mechanical troubleshotting and after Electronic with PI PLUG Board



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