Polkadots prepress software


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Our company is planning to begin using Polkadots prepress software in 2020 and I am a little curious about it. I am coming from the sales and customer service side.

We are a cold-set and UV web shop printing many of our own newspapers as well as papers for commercial clients.

We have many commercial clients who frequently send us dodgy PDF files with spot colors, knock-outs rather than overprints, RGB graphics, etc.... that we have traditionally cleaned up in our prepress department. I am curious how well Polkadots handles issues such as build blacks, RGB graphics and so on?

I would also be interested in learning how the results from Polkadots have matched with customer expectations? We often get PDF files generated from MS Publisher, or files from folks how have little or no formal production training so we have had to, for example, change 4-color build blacks to Black-Only to simplify the printing.


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