Presstek Anthem Pro to Anthem Elite Conversion

Graeme Ferguson

New member
if only it was that simple. This was the change forced on us by presstek as old plates no longer available. In fairness the print is better but this framing is a problem.

Alois Senefelder

Well-known member
Hello G. Ferguson,

It's a free country, use plates from ........ Agfa, Fuji, Kodak - So every thing was fine in the Pressroom until you change "Plates" ?????

Regards, Alois


Unfortunately its not as simple as that 'Alois' not all types of plates can be used with the Dimension plate setters.

I imagine Graeme was using the same Anthem Pro Plates we used and is now on the Anthem Elite plates. We tried getting the plate setter to use a the more widely used Fuji Pro T3 plate but we couldnt get it to work, and neither could a team from Fuji or the engineers from Marlowe.

Getting a new platesetter is not really financially viable at this point so we are stuck using the Anthem Elite plates for now, i guess your in the same boat too Graeme?

Graeme Ferguson

New member
Thanks Andy, yes we're in your boat! Have managed to get things printing a little cleaner after working through a long process of ink and damp modifications. Its not sorted but a lot better.
There are many plates available for the dimension 400 series.
I am available to help anybody interested in making this conversion. Randy 808-202-0074
The Agfa Azura Plate and the Dotworks T-Green plate are the exact same plate. Power settings go down to the 48% range and stay there. The lasers become incredibly stable compared with the older style plates. I have converted 50 or more installations with little or no issues!! No RPM drum speed changes, nothing. Impressions are in the 70K range.
I am about to go across the United States, starting with Calif in April. I would be pleased to talk with ANYONE who is in need of help. There are reports of dealers cutting off support for Presstek Users who change plate suppliers. I am a 20 year veteran who does not align with ANY dealer or organization. I am a factory trained service Tech since 2000. I will not stop until your issue is resolved. Randy 808-202-0074

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