Prinect Signa 4.5.40


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Hi . I have a problem with signa witch is not runing in only on macintosh .

The installaer runns ok , but after start a new job the job assistintan closes automatic .

I have check the java version , he as the java version 6 and 5, 32 and 64 bits.

I have also change the java preferences to work with only the java 5.0, but the result is tha same .

The Macintosh is G5, with QuadCore, runing mac os 10.5.8 , with 6Gb Ram .
Any ideas are welcome .


Hi Padrao,

Heidelberg would be happy to help you with your issue!
To examine this problem it will be very helpful to get the logfile which is located under:


You can send that to me at:


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