Print quality problem on a Heidelberg Quick Master running #10 envelopes


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I have an interesting problem that appeared on a Heidelberg Quick Master running #10 envelopes.
The black letters of the type on the top envelope have a shadow image behind the W.
The top envelope is a side seam peel and seal with a 20pt caliper under the W were the flap, seam and front stock intersect. The second with no shadow is a standard diagonal envelope with a caliper of 15 under the W.
The problem only happens when I change to the peel and seal envelope that is a post office prepaid postage stock.
I have tried repacking the blanket, check roller pressures and remixing fountain solution to no avail. Any suggestions?



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I have seen this on other machines when to much feed roller makes the envelope touch the blanket and creates a ghost. It is slapping some where. Blanket tight? Inch or hand wheel to watch? A normal #10 has no issue?

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