Printer Options for Real-Estate Signs


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Hi, I've got a new business and am looking for a company that can print and drop ship real-estate signs. Looking for cost effective options, various size signs. Probably corrugated plastic to start, maybe aluminium down the line. 2 sided, color. Any printer suggestions? Also, any advice you can share about what makes a good printer, questions to qualify, etc. Thanks, this is new to me and I don't know much about printing and risks associated. Appreciated!
The corrugated plastic is called Corflute, it comes in thicknesses from 2mm to 10mm. You need to find a printer with a flatbed or hybrid plotter, most businesses that specialise in these will advertise themselves as sign writers or digital imaging suppliers rather than printers. You will find plenty of them around every city.
Thanks Magnus, good to know. I appreciate the suggestion GB and Bly, yeah I hear ya.

Since I've got to ship domestically, and it seems like buyers are used to 'free shipping', I was thinking that ideally a high volume sign printer/shipper with good discounts at USPS would be helpful. Or, maybe find one in the middle of the country where shipment is never as far as fully cross country. Any thoughts on this idea?
Wholesale Sign Guy is in Omaha. Prices were good for screen. Digital not so good. Merged with another shop now so don't know anymore.


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