printers on carpet


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I'm talking with my boss about removing the carpet from my print office. does anyone else have carpet? I'm concerned about not being up to properly clean up toner spills and all the iron particles possibly contributing to the static electricity buildup that seems to be growing.

Anyone have carpet and just use a plastic office chair mat under and in front of your printers? Something like...

Does anyone have a concern about using these mats? If so, I will continue to work towards removing the carpet and putting down some cheap rolled laminate over the concrete.

tahnks for any insights!


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We have one shop with concrete floors and one shop with carpet. The shop with carpet is a whole lot easier to cleanup than the one without. It's pretty rare to 'spill' toner and any excess toner is a harder to sweep off the cement than it is to vacuum it up. When we had Xerox equipment we just put paper down under the printer before changing the drums. The canon printers we don't have problems with excess toner spills. We don't have plastic mats under the printers. We just vacuum regularly.


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We have one machine in a carpeted room and one on concrete. I've never noticed any issues on either machine. If you're concerned with spills just buy a toner vac.


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We have 2 colour machines on carpet and a B&W on wood. No issues that I've noticed. Humidifier in the colour space and B&W is wide open to office traffic but like many shops there's not a lot of spare room. I think a plastic mat might make it worse. Our office mats seem to generate their own static. Xerox put steel plates in front of the colour machines to make it easier to move the engine if needed for servicing.


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I had my printer on a Hindu oriental carpet but it kept flying away
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