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packaging on board here - if we could get accurate colour(including spots) on same stock as the B1 job run on our UV inkjet i'd be very happy - as for spot varnishes we have the option to run varnish on the machine too - so no problems there, and cut/crease could do any embossing needed, so for us it'd be this UV wide format inkjet systems

other than that i'm punting at the moment for the epson 9900 (with spectro) with either efi xxl or gmg rip - pretty solid


How about an Epson x900 and KPS?

How about an Epson x900 and KPS?

I have both an HPZ2100 and the new x900 Epson proofer and like them both.

the gamut space is different with the different ink sets so it is up to you on this really.

I prefer a inline spectroproofer - makes it easy to measure color bars and very useful with scheduled calibrations to keep the system running ship shape. there is a feature in KPS that lets you schedule the calibration to a set time which is very helpful.

I am edging for the x900 overall largely as I use kodak proofing software version 4.2 - this version of sw has enhanced capability for double sided imposition accuracy with the x900 which is really sweet. Gets very very close to the registration of our old Iris 43 wide based on head to head tests.

just my two cents

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