Quality issues with Oki Printer


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Ok, so not a production quality printer, but we’ve just bought an Oki C712DN for printing A4 sheets of labels for customers. When printing full page images, the printer seems spot on, but when trying to print a logo or coloured text, there seems to be a hatched effect on the print outs.

I dont know if I’m just expecting too much from the machine or whether there’s a setting I’m missing somewhere along the line but really not happy with the quality so far.

I was was just wondering if anyone has any experience with the Oki printers and can maybe shed some light.


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I had that hatched effect on a logo on an Impressia. I gave up using spot colors on it and convert everything to CMYK before I send it to the machine. If you have spots on your pieces, you might try that. Just a thought.
I've found that trying everything, even stuff that doesn't make sense, often solves the problem.

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