Quick and easy colour calibration for SwissQ?


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Our shop has made a big shift and we are focusing on wide format, our print division we merged with another company. So I am in somewhat new waters with wide format, I have done some wide format before, but not to the extent we do now. We have a SwissQ flatbed. Talking to our operators they say the calibration process is a pain and takes around an hour. There has to be better ways of doing this quickly and easily. RIP we use is Caldera, not familiar with it and at the moment not sure what version they are running. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should even start looking for something more automated for colour calibration? Would be nice if it worked across various machines from Epson, Roland and SwissQ.


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Take a look and Print Factory if your pain point is profiling. I was really impressed chatting with them at Printing United. I'm planning to switch from Onyx.

Signs101.com is more wide-format oriented than this forum.

Also consider reaching out to SwissQ support for guidance.

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What do you mean by "the calibration process"?

If you are talking about building an ICC profile, then yes it may take that long, depending on the Spectrophotometer you have. FWIW you should not have to build them very often. Caldera is an excellent RIP, easy to use, fast Ripping files, profiling is like falling off a log. Ping me, If you have any questions. BTW, I do not work for them, just many years of experience with a lot of different RIPs.



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