RAMpage RIP System Ver. 12.2 Build 64 on Windows 7 Pro Box

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My shop closed and CTP sytem has sold separately. This is a complete version of RAMpage Software for ripping data to your platesetter and proofer. Cards installed are for a Saber Lx9600 Violet Light system an Epson 9600 proofer. New cards available from RAMpage - call them for additional information.

The software is for the RAMpage Ver. 12-2 Build 64. This system purchased new would cost a ton! Buy it here and save a fortune! It is loaded on a Windows 7 Professional, Dual Intel Xeon 2.66Hz processors, 8Gb RAM, DVD-RAM Drive, 150Gb Hard Drive.


See video - here: Prepress Workflow

Prepress Workflow[/url]
Here is a Rampage Brochure in PDF about the product: http://rampageinc.com/uploads/brochure.pdf

I will attempt to answer all of your questions about this software. However, I will first have to notify my former Desktop Technician working at the facility that purchased my company. They too operate on RAMpage!

Shipping is a flat fee of $40 from a Wichita, KS 67226 to the lower 48 states. Contact me for any additional information.


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