Random files with lock symbol - Indigo press


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We have an HP Indigo 7. Every now and then when sending a file over, I will set the file up and move it to the held que. On the Indigo itself the operator will see a lock symbol beside the file. He can print it but make no adjustments to quantity or anything else. I sent 2 posters with identical specs this morning, even highlighted both of them and setup at the exact same time. One file went fine, the other has the lock symbol beside. Anyone else have this and know what is causing the lock and how to get rid of it?



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Is it a secure pdf?
No, these are PDF's created by me in Indesign. They run through an old version of Apogee to the Indigo. This has also happened if I bypass Apogee and drop in a hot folder directly to the Indigo. It is random and I can't seem to pinpoint what is causing it to happen.


This happened a lot to me when I was running an Indigo. All I did was open the job properties and close it and the lock went away. I hope it's as easy as that for you too.

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