Rapid wear on Tecnau/Lasermax rotary knife


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We are a digital book manufacturer. We run continuous forms digital printers (Canon/Oce) and use Tecnau/Lasermax/Stralfors cutters on the tail end. We run mostly 45# Resolute Book text stock. This is a groundwood paper. Our issue is that the rotary knife (not slitters) that cuts the web into sheets wears VERY prematurely. From the OEM, the knives are guaranteed for 22 million cuts, and I'm lucky to get 1 million. I have spoken with a lot of people from the involved parties (paper mill, Tecnau) and no one has an answer. I did come across a carbide version of this rotary knife in the parts book, but the OEM hasn't been able to relate any success stories or intended uses for it. It's a very expensive gamble for me to try one.

Anyone have any similar experiences to share?
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