Reference position Error in Polar Mohr 66


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Cause: The actual position loaded into the control counter when the reference position is
passed does not coincide with the reference position stored. The allowance
adjusted is also exceeded in this case (default = 0.008 cm).

This is caused by the loss of counting pulses during the backgauge run, or if the
mechanical reference switch detects "multiple" positions, or positions beyond the
range determined during the reference run.

On 78 ES, this error may be caused when the computer voltage is dropping
too fast.

Remedy: - Make a reference run and move the backgauge along the entire width of the
table, if the position of the mechanical reference point switch has been modified
- Use service menu "machine data" for troubleshooting
- Check / replace pulse transducer
- Check cable routes / connection.
- Check / replace SAP- board.
- Check / replace CPxx- board.
- Check mechanical reference switch (flush version, id. no. 228472 on POLAR 66)
and switching flag.

- Check power supply units G1 / G2 and replace, if necessary.

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