Repurposing Fiery E-82 Color Controller


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We had a Fiery E-82 Color Controller for a digital press that we upgraded and the new press came with an E-83. They were going to just recycle the E-82 but I carted it upstairs because I figured, "Gee whiz, it's got two quad-core processors" and it might make a nice internal web server or something.

Obviously it's very custom and has a bunch of deep modifications made to Windows 7 but I like a challenge and want to convert it into a useable machine again. The Windows 10 installer fails due to a driver issue (surprise surprise) and rolls back to Windows 7 every time. I try to play dirty and insert a USB to boot off of so I can wipe the drives but I can't even get the BIOS settings to load! In fact, I can't even figure out how to get into the case! I don't really know how these are set up configuration-wise so I kind of feel like a caveman banging it with a club trying to get Windows 10 on it.

Has anyone had any luck tinkering with these?
Hello !
I have a client that have a hardisk crash and he lost de system´s DVD´s.
Do you still have it ?
It´s possible to make a ISO image if you have it ?

thanks !


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I'm pretty sure the front and top plastic housing pops off, and there's just one single cable connecting the top display/board. I'm guessing you may have access to side panels from there. I'm willing to bet EFI has a there, and you may be pretty limited due to whatever chipsets they have on the MoBo.


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