Ricoh C9200 Question


We are in the process of getting a Ricoh C9200 installed and a salesperson had this question:
If I'm using a 300 dpi image at 100%, or a 600 dpi image (or larger) at 100%, will you be able to tell a quality difference on the C9200?

I have this question out to our Ricoh rep and one of their analyst....but figured I would put it out here too. I'm sure they'll have an answer for me tomorrow.



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I would say yes. While there are rapidly diminishing returns as you go over 300 dpi, I think 400 dpi would be recommended. That is what we use thought the average person isn't going to see the difference. Anything over that is a waste in my opinion.

The old rule of thumb was that the resolution should be 1.5-2 times your line screen. So for 200 screen frequency, 400 dpi would give the best results.

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