Ricoh Pro C9110 branded as Heidelberg CP Error "Check Printer Cable Connections."

Ricoh J

Hello team,

Ricoh Pro C9110 branded as Heidelberg CP Error "Check Printer Cable Connections."
exactly the same problem as member tpmar .
we buy a used Ricoh Pro C9110 branded as Heidelberg CP getting Error "Check Printer Cable Connections". It had the Prinect RIP but we changed it to
E-83 Fiery So of course we checked all cables, reloaded software.
I'm a retired tech working Konica but running out of ideas on this Ricoh.

question do we need a license to concert/print even when using Fiery instead of Prinect?

we dont haver service contract no company willing to service because of age of this printer.
There is communication between the Fiery and press, when I try to print a job is shows up on the press screen,
the blue light on the press never comes on and it doesn't print. The press can print because we were able to print the counter sheet.
wondering if anyone have the extra parts that we can buy from you.
we need to buy the 2 fiery black data communication cables and circuit board that the cables plug into at the Fiery PN number 45112413
we are a mom-and-pop shop located in Palo Alto, CA need help, looking for Ricoh tech in our area.



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It wouldn't surprise me if Heidelberg had some customised firmware which prevented the machine being used with any rip other than Prinect.
Thank you Magnus59
i know they installed microcode 1.04.002 but don't know how to find and delete it. May have a bad Fiery interface board B port not talking PN 45112413
Hytech don't support this printer any longer.


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