Roland RE-640 Constant cleaning. Why?!


This machine has served us very well so far as we only run it on original Roland inks. Today it has started stopping every 30 to 60cm and cleaning the print head, and when it resumes, it's got a faded band of color on the vinyl prints. Am printing a lot of Yellow and black solids. I also noted that a cartridge I removed had mucky drops of yellow inks on the tip of the cartridge. The inks dates Dec 2021. Is there a way of stopping this? I opened a new one and noticed some scratches on the body of the cartridge, is it possible that the inks are fake or repacked even though we got from an authorized dealer?


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I got my technician look into this but he seemed baffled. He thinks if we update the firmware of the RE-640, this could solve the problem. The only issue is that we can't get the firmware. Anyone please?


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