Rotaprint R37K Troubleshooting


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Hello all,
I am the owner of an italian small wholesale business that recently bought a Rotaprint R37K as its first offset press. It is a pretty well maintened press, and it came with all the books in its original language (Deutsch).
I have no pratical experience except for the functioning logic with offset presses, and I can't operate the machine. The handbook did not helped me at all even after translation because it is pretty generic. Probably by the way, something is wrong with the machine.

I have the following problems, and I hope some of you might help me a bit:
1) After plugging the power cord and turning on the main switch it is not possibile to start the machine (only manual jogs will make it rotate for plate mounting). Clearly every guard is closed and no error shows up (except for the backup battery low on power for date & hour). The green start button does not start the machine, and no other buttons seems to produce any interaction.

2) The integrated air generatore does not turns on (maybe it will automatically after startup?)

I am looking for somebody with a previous or actual experience on this machine, or a technician who is able to provide some help. Clearly I can pay for this, but it seems like there is no one in italy with experience on this machine (or at least I havent found one yet).

Thank you very much.


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Have you met the power requirements? Phase? Fuses? Transformer settings?
That press had lots of pc boards.
yes, power requirements are the same (50hz - 220v). The user manual suggests a slow 12,5a fuse to protect the main power supply, but the press comes on anyway.
It has a lot of pc boards yes, but shows no error sign (except for when you open a guard for example).

I was searching for a startup checklist around the internet, but i couldnt find anything (Rotaprint went bankrupt in 1989).
Too bad there isnt a "true" diagnostic, I was intentioned to buy 2/3 more but maybe older 100% mechanical presses are better for our purposes.

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