Running 5.5x8.5 UV coated one side through Xerox J75 for printing on non-coated side?


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I'm going to be doing a job that will include VDP of addresses. The addresses must be kept in zip order. I will be run 3UP. Normally we do this and I just tell the guy cutting to keep them in order. I'm always a little nervous but he's always gotten it right.

This time I need to send the job out to be UV coated on one side. I'm nervous about them keeping everything in order.

Is it possible for me to put 5.5x8.5" paper that has been printed on both sides and UV coated on one side through my J75 (or D125) so I can print addresses?



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Sure you can. We have imprinted addresses on the UV coated side of postcards and they adhered just fine. You couldn't scrape them off with a fingernail.


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I used to do this on my C75 a couple of years ago before I talked the customer out of UV coating.


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Why wouldn't you just print on the original sheet after it's been UV coated (never have done this and not sure it's a good idea)? Are you not cutting the stacks in house? We run walk sequence cards through our UV on both sides all day long and have never had a problem keeping them in in stack order. It would actually take work to mix them up. One thing I see that printers don't do is imprint sheet or piece sequence numbers. Super easy to do and will save you a lot of confusion if things get out of order... Example the stack gets split for some odd reason. Sounds like your pieces are not walk sequence but only need to be kept to the same tray. I would print the trey number on them and send them over to get UV coated. Just let the UV operator know that the pieces are VDP and need to be kept in stack order and if something goes south to separate the sheets that were scrambled.


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I may be missing something but why not print all in one pass, then UV coat, then cut? And/or sort in trays so keeping them in order is not necessary?

bill kahny

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He is sending the uv to an out side supplier and doesn't trust the supplier to keep them in postal order or not spoil any.

I can print digitally right over my uv. Canon printers with a tec lighting coater using 1006a gloss from tec lighting.

I have also inket printed addresses but it needs extended drying times so I slow the machine down. I do this on longer press run mailings after uv coating them.
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