Running Prinergy Preps on Windows 10 using a non-admin user account


Hi everyone. We are having trouble with Prinergy Preps. Prepress users are on the domain but due to company policy, they are not local admins. They can launch Prinergy Workshop just fine. But when they need to launch Preps it won't open. As a test, if I add the domain user to the Local Administrators group on the workstation, everything works fine and the AraxiPreps folder is auto-mounted as drive letter Y. I can't allow the users to remain in the Administrators group, so has anyone found a solution for this? Do you know what specific permissions Prinergy Preps needs to run?


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Does it give a particular error message after failing to open on a local non-admin account? If you launch it from Workshop sometimes it will return an error message through Workshop in a pop-up.


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The app in question may need to "local admin rights" to start a service or access some resources like registry keys or modify files. This is due to poor software development practices. You might be able to create a machine-local group with the prepress user's domain names and assign that group special permissions to registry keys, local security policy rulesets, and NTFS perms, etc. Look in the vent viewer and use Microsoft's Sys-Internals utilities like process monitor and process explorer to see where the prinergy app fails to launch when running without admin creds.

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