SCTV formula in excel


Does anyone have an excel sheet to calculate sctv values?

We print in CMYKOGV and use minispots for our process control in excel. We now want to use SCTV to calculate the dotgain for OGV instead of the traditional method.

We use the Techkon spectrodens and when i measure in SCTV mode i get the lab values back from the patches 100/80/60/40/20.

I found the formula online to calculate them but they are not easy. Maybe some of you already figured it out and would like to share the excel file.


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Hi Ben,
We have printed OGV with SCTV method. The ISO 20654 tells about the SCTV calculations. But as per my knowledge SCTV dot gain values are 50 dot target is 50, 25 dot target is 25. Unlike process colour standards SCTV values are different targets.

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