Slip sheet jamming on exit in Magnus autoloader - FIXED!


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Hello everyone,

We have a Magnus 800 with an autoloader that was jamming when trying to eject slip sheets: the slip sheets were wrapping around the roller. At first, it was every so often, then it turned into a chronic problem jamming every time. This was caused by the roller becoming sticky due to it being old and starting to pick apart. I got a price for a replacement roller, $2,224 installed, and they wanted the old roller back...

I found a great alternative solution: Tesa tape from the Update company (your bindery probably knows them), the tape is expensive (cheap compared to a new roller) but has worked perfectly.

Anyway, I thought someone might benefit from this. Let me know if you have any questions.

The tape I used was Tesa Tape 3/4" x 27.5 Yards (#4563)

It's a great day for printing!

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