small shop, refurb or will a new C5300s be adequate?


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With our 'head office' rented 9 year old C1060 workhorse, which we like & is adequate, we're printing about 22k s/s cmyk 90gsm bond banner prints (325x910) & 5k SRA3 on 150 &/or 300gsm coated per month. But after 5 good years thats about to wrap up. EOL we're told.

I prefer to purchase outright but that said don't want to spend what Ive been advised a very basic 4065 or 4070 will cost, (US$29-37k). We don't need bells & whistles. A fairly priced refurb (inc the almost as old C2060 which was originally on the table) would be adequate. But the length of the cpc on refurbs, in our region at least, (36 not 60mth) is problematic.

Our city isnt huge - the major local dealers use the head offices' technicians/parts/supply chain, if you purchase from a dealer you log your service calls with head office.

Until now I'd been happy with KM & hadn't looked around but given the comparably high price of their 4000 series in our region had no choice. And guess what? The proposal I received and the ensuing discussion opened my eyes. A very similar setup, C5300s, basic PF, basic catch tray & inbuilt fiery, 20% less than KM. AFAIK the machines are similar. The cpc are similar.

Sounds great on paper. Would greatly appreciate to hear experiences from owners of C5300s / C5310s, especially if compared to KM 2000/3000 series

EDIT This morning KM agreed to put a refurb C3080 on 36mth cpc at a similar price (tho higher specs, which we dont really need) to new C5300s with postscript only, but 60 months cpc. If I can make do without rip I think the C5300s... Opinions welcome!
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double check the limitations of the in-built fiery. i have the c5310 with external fiery. i can't recall all of the limitations of the basic fiery except it wouldn't allow for e.g. tab printing which is essential for us. you want to be sure it's not lacking any essential features which you might expect.

i had my last demo on KM's machines and workflow solutions in about 2019/20. I was quite impressed with KM's Accurio Pro/Flux workflow package with it's web interface, modular nature etc. They suggested they could program in additional custom automations for us. If it weren't for us wanting to make a break from a KM dealer and try a new manufacturer it would have been appealing.


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